Izak C. Rosenfeld, Esq.

International Lawyer and Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Dispute Resolution Services

Where there is opportunity for dispute resolution without costly and time-consuming court processes, it is beneficial to all who pursue it.


Mediation is an effective mechanism for parties to engage in a facilitated dialogue, with the collective goal of achieving an outcome that satisfies all those involved. With the right set of skills, any dispute can be resolved through mediation.

Izak serves as a mediator in these such matters to act as an independent third party who can ensure all voices are heard, and as a result, all challenges are overcome.


Arbitration, though somewhat similar to a judicial process, is another mechanism by which parties can attempt to resolve conflict without needing to revert to a lengthy and financially substantial court proceeding. In an arbitration, much like in litigation, both parties are presented the opportunity to advocate for their positions and interests, but without the constraints of a formal courtroom process. In fact, arbitration hearings can even take place with only written submissions and without the need for protracted appearances and arguments.

Izak can act as an arbitrator, either as part of a panel of arbitrators or as sole arbitrator, to resolve disputes in an expeditious, fair, and effective manner.

Format of Services


Mediation and arbitration can be conducted virtually, via confidential and secure video conferencing. A virtual format is often preferred by parties, given the accessibility, availability, and reduction of costs.


Mediation and arbitration can also be conducted in-person in either Washington D.C. or New York City, depending on availability and the nature of the dispute. There are costs associated with the use of meeting space(s).

Fees for Services

There are fees associated with Izak's services for mediation and arbitration, in addition to potential administrative costs incurred throughout the process.

Professional Fees

Izak charges an hourly and/ or daily rate for his services, depending on the nature, complexity, and duration of a dispute.

For more information on Izak's fees, please reach out via the Contact page.

Administrative Costs

Parties to a dispute may incur costs for venue or meeting space(s), processing of documents, notarial services, legal fees, and other related administrative charges. It is important for parties to determine the potential costs associated with their dispute.